Actovegin: Sports Doping Or Magic Cure?

Originally published on The Roar

Sport superstars call it a miracle healer; scientists call it a sham, Western medicine’s version of the tiger penis. Governments have banned it, and anti-doping organisations don’t know what to make of it.

Its name is Actovegin. And it’s causing some problems.

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Who Was The Greatest: Brisbane of 2001-03 or Geelong of 2007-09?

Immediately after Brisbane claimed their third consecutive premiership in 2003, Anthony Hudson proclaimed that they had become “the greatest side of the modern era”. Robert Walls, who had seen some mighty sides in his time, declared them to be “the best team that I’ve seen”.

Only six years later, Geelong won their second premiership in three years and the commentators announced: “They are one of the greatest teams of all time”.  Continue reading “Who Was The Greatest: Brisbane of 2001-03 or Geelong of 2007-09?”