Common hand soap has no antibacterial properties so it doesn’t kill germs on us; or itself.

I sure hope they wash the pigs whose fat goes into making it.

Talking of bacteria, there have been warnings of  potential outbreaks of new fatal diseases caused by the overuse of antibiotics.

Also the obsessive pre operative hand scubbing by surgeons has led to the formation of lethal scour-resistant micro-organisms. 

Fed up with being scuffed away over the past 60 years and mocked by trauma surgeons in pink gowns some germs have developed the strength and agility of Greg Inglis. They can side step and fend off Chux Super Wipes and all sorts of abrasive scrubs. It is even thought some have no problem holding on against a full frontal assault from a steel brush. 

Hospitals have started ordering angle grinders from Bunnings.