Prominent Diners

The Age’s Epicure has a piece on the favourite restaurants of “prominent Melburnians”.

These prominents include celebrities, identities, personalities, a gynaecological oncologist who lunches at The Italian, a horse trainer who feeds at The Fleece, and the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne (Hell’s Kitchen & Hot Grill). There is the odd genius like Barry Humphries; and then there is Ken James and Kate Ceberano.

Kate, who used to sing but now models Playtex bras, is Queen of Moomba and self promotion.  Kate is rightfully proud of her full figure and is often seen filling it at Spoonful (Prahran) while talking, between spoonfuls,  about herself: “As someone with the body confidence … oooh isn’t this pate  divine?… who wouldn’t shy away … and mmm the veal is soooo tender!… from being the woman she is …WAITER, more sweetbreads!”

There are no current politicians. Apparently Julia Gillard was approached but on hearing her  favourite dish was beef and black bean at the Dragon Temple in Altona, Epicure cut her from the list.

There are a few surprises too like imagining Humphries in a Cantonese restaurant (Lau’s Family Kitchen), and realising that the least prominent, Ken James, had chosen the best restaurant – Bistro Thierry.

Next week Epicure will list the favourite eateries of non prominent people like single mum Chartreuse from Fallingwater Estate, Pakenham:  “My sons Jaxson, Colt, and Magnum [her fourth, AK 47, is due in a month] love Hungry Jacks but since they’ve brought in that Angus beef sh*t I’ve told the boys it’s KFC or nothin’ “.

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